ejdx domain read

Displays the details for a specific domain.

You must know the Domain ID to execute this command.


edjx domain read <domain-UUID>


Option Required Type Description




The domain UUID to read.

Read details for a specific domain

To view a list of domains assigned to your organization:

  1. Make sure you are in the organization view.

    edjx config organization -i
  2. View the domains assigned to the organization.

    edjx domain list
  3. Copy the Domain ID of the domain you want to read.

  4. Execute the read command.

    edjx domain read <domain-UUID>

    Sample Output

    For Verified Domains:

    root@edjx:~ # edjx domain read 280d6710-ebec-4b46-aa94-5a84ad1f6ab7
    Name                abc.com
    Domain ID           280d6710-ebec-4b46-aa94-5a84ad1f6ab7
    Status              Verified
    Type                FULL
    Description         ABC LLC
    Records             4
    Rules               2
    Certificates        0
    Organization        edjdocs
    Created By          edjdocs
    Created On          2021-10-26 13:30:40.995 -0700 MST
    Last Updated        2021-10-26 13:30:40.995 -0700 MST

    For Unverified Domains, you can view the domain verification steps, along with the domain details.

    edjx domain read cea70d06-2bb1-44cb-a11d-bba942d1e82d
    Name                abc1.com
    Domain ID           cea70d06-2bb1-44cb-a11d-bba942d1e82d
    Status              Unverified
    Type                CNAME
    Description         ABC1 LLC
    Records             0
    Rules               0
    Certificates        0
    Organization        edjdocs
    Created By          edjdocs
    Created On          2022-06-01 16:20:07.56 +0530 IST
    Last Updated        2022-06-01 16:20:07.56 +0530 IST
    Domain Verification Steps
    1. Go to your Domain provider where your domain is hosted.
    2. Create a TXT record for your domain with the following details:
       Name             _edjx-verify.abc.com
       Value            7bc5f368-9a81-4810-9602-45306e35ad54
    3. Create the following CNAME record:
       Name             _acme-challenge.abc.com
       Value            cea70d06-2bb1-44cb-a11d-bba942d1e82d.acme-verification.load.edjx.network
    4. Execute 'edjx domain verify cea70d06-2bb1-44cb-a11d-bba942d1e82d' command
If you want to view domains associated with another organization, you must first switch to that organization.
See edjx config organization for details.