edjx domain records read

Displays the details for a specific record.

You must know the Record ID to execute this command.


edjx domain records read <record-UUID>
[-d, --domain <domain-UUID>]


Option Required Type Description




The Record UUID to be read.




The domain UUID associated with the record.
Default: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

Global Flags

Option Required Type Description

-h, --help


Displays inline help for the command.

--config <file-location>



Location of client configuration file (default file path is $HOME/.edjx/.edjx.yaml).

Read details for a specific record

To view the details about a specific record within the domain:

  1. Make sure you are in the organization view.

    edjx config organization -i
  2. View the domains assigned to the organization.

    edjx domain records list
  3. Copy the Record ID of the record you want to read.

  4. Execute the read command.

    edjx domain records read <record-UUID>

    Sample Output

    root@edjx:~ # edjx domain records read b74faf0f-59a6-4fb1-b57a-3bafbe5760f5
    Name                @
    Record ID           b74faf0f-59a6-4fb1-b57a-3bafbe5760f5
    Type                NS
    Target              ns2.load.edjx.network
    TTL                 1800
    Proxy               false
    Created By          edjdocs
    Created             2021-10-26 13:30:41 -0700 PDT
    Last Updated        2021-10-26 13:30:41 -0700 PDT
If you want to view domains associated with another organization, you must first switch to that organization.
See edjx config organization for details.