Create a Full Domain

When you create a Full domain, you must be in the organization view that the domain will reside.

Make sure you have the required permissions to add or modify resources in the EdjPlatform, which are based on group permissions assigned to each user group. See Groups for details.

To create a Full domain:

  1. Switch to the organization associated with the domain.

  2. Click Main Menu  Domains.
    The Domains page displays.

  3. Click Create Domain.
    The Create a Domain dialog displays.

    create domain

  4. Do the following:

    1. NAME: Enter an FQDN. For example,

    2. DESCRIPTION: Enter text that describes your domain.

    3. Click Save.
      The Domain Attributes page displays.

      domain records tab

  5. Update your domain registrar with the edjDNS system-generated NS records.