Add Records to a CNAME Domain

To add a record to a CNAME domain:

  1. Switch to the organization associated with the domain.

  2. Click Main Menu  Domains.
    The Domains page displays.

  3. Click the CNAME domain you want to add a record to or hover over the domain, and then click the Edit icon.

    cnamedomain edit icon

    The Records tab displays.

  4. Click Create Record.
    The Create a Record dialog displays.

    domain records create

  5. Do the following:

    1. TYPE: Select A or AAAA.

      domain cnamerecordoptions

    2. NAME: Enter the subdomain or the root domain.

    3. TARGET: The IPv4 or IPv6 address to send traffic to.

    4. TTL: Enter a time to live (TTL) value if the record is not Proxied through EDJX.

    5. PROXY: Select if you want the record to be proxied.

      When proxy is enabled, and there are no routing rules configured, only caching will be active for this record.
    6. Click Save.

      A confirmation message displays in the upper-right corner of the screen and the Records tab displays the added record.

  6. Click the new record or hover over the record, and then click the Edit icon.

    cname record edit icon

  7. Navigate to the Domain provider where this domain is hosted.

    1. Create a CNAME record that matches the Name record you created. For example, blog.

    2. Copy the CNAME TARGET URL the EdjPlatform provides on the Edit fly-in into the Target field for the CNAME record.
      For example,