Become a User in an Organization

At some point you may want to view the access levels of a user or troubleshoot user issues.

Notes for Organization Admins

When you become a user, the following functionality is changed:

  • The User Configuration Menu options; My Profile and Sign Out are disabled

    user become configoptions

  • The View Selector is disabled

    user become orgselect

  • Any activities performed as the user will be displayed on the Resource Activity Fly-out as Actor Name (via user name)

    user become activityoutput

To become a user that is associated with an Organization:

  1. Switch to the associated organization.

  2. Click Main Menu  User Profile icon  Settings.
    The Organization Settings display.

  3. Click Users.

  4. Hover over the user, and then click the Edit icon or click the name.
    The User Fly-in displays.

    settings users

  5. Click Become User.
    The screen refreshes, navigating you to the Welcome Screen with a green border and the Viewing as username at the top.

    user viewingas

  6. Click the X to end the Viewing As session and return to the Dashboard view as the Administrator.

The Organization Admin can only be one user at a time. If you need to become a different user, repeat the steps for each user you want to become.

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