Create an EdjFunction

To create a function:

  1. Navigate to the application you want to add a function to.

    • Click Main Menu  Applications  click on an application name (or hover over and click the Edit icon)

    • Click Main Menu  Dashboard  on the APPLICATIONS card, click the Active or Inactive link  click on an application name

  2. Under the Functions Tab, click Create Function.
    A dialog displays.

  3. Do the following:

    • Select the TRIGGER type.

    • Select a RUNTIME value.

    • Select the coding LANGUAGE.

    • Enter a NAME for the function.

    • Select the MEMORY ALLOCATED for the function.

    • Select the TIMEOUT value.

    • Click the WASM FILE button to bring up the explorer window and select the WASM file to be uploaded.

  4. Click Create.
    The function is added to the Functions table/card view.

After clicking Create, only the memory allocated and timeout settings can be modified.

See the example on the function build page if you need help creating a .wasm file.