Tutorial - Creating a Bucket with Three Files

In this tutorial, you will use the EDJX Console to create a bucket named docs-bucket and upload three files, each of a different format to the bucket.

Make sure you have the required permissions to add or modify resources in the EdjPlatform, which are based on group permissions assigned to each user group. See Groups for details.

For an overview of the UI components of a bucket and its attributes, see the Bucket Attributes topic.

The following are the steps involved in creating the bucket and uploading files to the bucket:


Create the Bucket

To create the bucket docs-bucket:

  1. Switch to the organization where docs-bucket will reside.

    switch org

  2. Click Main Menu  Buckets.
    The Buckets page displays.

    bucket attribute tutorial

  3. Click Create Bucket.

    The Create a Bucket dialog displays.

  4. Configure the bucket as follows:

    1. Name: docs-bucket

    2. MAKE PUBLIC: Toggle to the ON (green) position

    3. TRACK VERSIONS: Toggle to the ON (green) position

      create a bucket

  5. Click Create.

    The bucket is presented on the Buckets page.

    bucket added

Upload Files to the Bucket

You can upload any file format to a bucket.
In this tutorial, the .pdf, .docx and .png file formats are uploaded to the docs-bucket bucket.

Before uploading the files, make sure the correct organization is selected.

To add files to the docs-bucket bucket:

  1. On the Buckets page, click the docs-bucket row.

    The Bucket Attributes page displays.

    add files bucket

  2. Click Upload File.

    The Upload a File dialog displays.

    upload a file dialog

  3. Click Select File.
    The Open File dialog displays.

  4. Select the file you want to upload to docs-bucket.

  5. Click Upload.

  6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 for the remaining files.

    The Bucket Attributes page refreshes with the files added under the Files tab.

    files added to bucket