When you first open the EDJX extension, the Holistic view displays.

To change to an organization view, click the organization icon next to your profile name in the Profile panel or click the View on the Status Bar.

Profile Panel

vscode change org

Status Bar

vscode view current org


An application is a software entity that consists of one or more executable functions. The functions within an application logically relate to the purpose of the application.

See the Create an Application and Edit an Application pages for instructions.


To build and deploy functions using the VS Code extension, you must create the necessary EDJX configuration files.

See the Add a Function, Build a Function, and Deploy a Function pages for instructions.

Access the VS Code EDJX Command Palette

You can view the available commands under View > Command Palette…​ or Ctrl+Shift+P.

When the drop-down menu displays, enter EDJX to filter all commands specific to EDJX functionality.