Create an AAAA Record

AAAA records are used to resolve a domain name which corresponds to an IPv6 address. IPv6 is the most revised version of the internet protocol.

If your internet service provider (ISP) has allocated an IPv6 address to your subnet, you will want to follow this tutorial. An AAAA record consists of the following data:

  • Name: The domain name of the primary domain owner.

  • TTL: The time duration, in seconds, for which a record can be retained in the recursive resolver’s cache.

  • Target: The IPv6 address of the origin web server.

When adding an AAAA record to an FQDN, remember the following rules:

  • Multiple AAAA records are allowed per name.

  • AAAA and A records can exist together.


    The IPv6 loopback address ::1/128 is equivalent to the IPv4 loopback address

In this tutorial, you will create an AAAA record @ with target value ::ffff:c0a8:101.







Use EdjConsole

  1. Log into EdjConsole.

  2. Switch to the organization associated with the domain you want to add the record to.

    View Selector

  3. Navigate to Main Menu > Domains.
    The Domain page displays.

    domain full select

  4. Click on a domain.
    The Domain Attributes page displays.

  5. Click Create Record.

  6. Enter the following for the AAAA record, @.

    • TYPE: AAAA

    • NAME: @

    • TARGET: ::ffff:c0a8:101

    • TTL: 1800

    • PROXY: toggle right (enable)

      create aaaa record 1

  7. Click Save.

    The AAAA record is added to the list of resource records for the domain.

Use EdjCLI

  1. Log into EdjCLI.

    edjx login
    Username: <string>
    ✔ Password: **********█
    Logged in successfully
    root@edjx:~ #
  2. Switch to the organization associated with the domain you want to add the record to.

    edjx config organization -i
  3. Switch to the domain to add the record to.

    edjx config domain -i
  4. Create the AAAA record.

    root@edjx:~ # edjx domain records create @ AAAA ::ffff:c0a8:101 1800 --proxy
    Record created successfully.
    Record ID: 2893b65b-6f5c-4ac7-a464-8b5192ee073d

See edjx domain records create for additional details.