Buckets > Bucket Attributes

When you click on a bucket on the Buckets page, the Bucket Attributes page displays.

This page allows you to configure and manage a specific bucket and the associated files.

bucket attributes page

The Bucket Attributes page consists of the following entities:

Files Tab

By default, the Files tab displays when you edit a bucket. On this tab, you can view the files that have been uploaded to the bucket.

bucket files tab

Object Description

Upload File button

Click to upload a file to the bucket.

Search files text box

Enter the Name for a specific File, and the table will populate with any matching files.

List or Grid view

Click the List icon to view the information as a table list.
Click the Grid icon to view the information as cards.

Files Table

Click a column headings to sort by that heading. Click a file to display the corresponding fly-in panel.
The Uploaded On column displays the date and time that the file was uploaded to EdjPlatform.

When you click the Upload File button, the Upload a File dialog displays.

Upload File

See Manage EdjStorage for details about node pinning, notarization, and file version tracking.

Activity Tab

The Activity tab on the Buckets Attributes page allows you to view all the activities performed on a specific bucket and the associated files.

Click any of the activities to display the status fly-in.

bucket file activity

The Fly-in displays the following objects.

Object Description

Name with type

Name of Bucket or File.


The status of an action is displayed as successful (green) or unsuccessful (red).


Updated, Deleted, Created, or Uploaded.


File only.
Lists any headers associated with the bucket.


Bucket only.
The bucket name.

Access Level

Bucket only.
Public or Private.


Bucket only.
Enabled or Disabled.

Actor Name

User who initiated the activity.

Actor ID

System-generated identification for the user.

Resource ID

System-generated identification for the bucket or file.

Bucket Attributes Panel and Summary Cards

This section provides details about the Bucket Attributes panel and Summary Cards.

bucket attribute panel

When you click Save, the changes are applied to all files within the selected bucket.

The Bucket Attributes panel consist of the following objects.

Object Description


The user-configured name for the Bucket. The name can be modified at any time.


Enables (toggle right) or disables (toggle left) the bucket to be available to the public.


Displays Enabled or Disabled version tracking.
Version tracking is configured during bucket creation.


Displays the organization associated with the bucket.


System-generated identification for the bucket.

bucket number files

Displays the number of Files in the Bucket.

bucket file downloads

Displays the number of times any File in the Bucket was downloaded.

File Fly-in

When you click on a File to edit, the File Details panel flies in on the right of the screen.

This fly-in allows you to configure a specific file within a bucket.

file details tab

The Details tab allows you to do the following:

By default, Content-Type, Cache-Control, Content-Encoding, and Content-Disposition are added to the file.
You cannot delete these Key/Value pairs.
  • Save, Download, or Delete the file.
    Deleting a file, removes all versions of a file.
    Make sure you really want to remove the file before you click Delete.

The Versions tab allows you to revert to an older file version or download a version of the file.

file version tab

If bucket versioning is enabled, you can view all file versions. If the versioning is not enabled, then only the latest version of the file displays.

The Activity tab allows you to view all the activities performed related to the specific file.

file activity tab