The Dashboard provides real-time information of how your organization or organizations are performing.

By default, a Page Banner displays at the top of the Dashboard. This banner informs you of which view you are accessing: Holistic or Organization.

Holistic View Banner

page banner

Organization View Banner

page banner org

To remove the banner from this page, click Dismiss.

The EdjConsole Dashboard can provide you with insight that can help you establish how to grow and improve your application deployments. It is a tool for navigating to and monitoring of your resources.


The Dashboard consists of the following details.

Cards and Panels Description

dashboard requests

This card displays the number of requests that were made by the Applications or Nodes.

dashboard nodes

Displays the number of Active (green), Inactive (red), Busy (orange), and Initializing (yellow) nodes around the globe.
Click the value box in the upper-right corner of the panel to sort by GLOBAL NODES or MY NODES (the nodes you manage).

dashboard apps

This card displays the number of Active (green) or Inactive (red) Applications.
When you click Active or Inactive, you are redirected to the Applications Page, which is filtered by the status you clicked.

dashboard buckets

This card displays the number of Private (dark purple) or Public (light purple) Buckets.
Click Private or Public to view the Buckets List page.

dashboard domains

This card displays the number of domains that the EdjPlatform manages.

dashboard linkedin

This card provides quick access for you to follow the EDJX LinkedIn profile page.

dashboard compute

This card displays the amount of compute used by the Applications or Nodes in GB-Sec.

dashboard network

This card displays the amount of network used by the Applications or Nodes in Bytes.

dashboard storage

This card displays the amount of storage your organization(s) has used as a percentage of usage. You can filter the card to display Application or Bucket usage.

dashboard recents

This panel displays a list of the last four pages the user has viewed.
Click the link to navigate to the specific page.
To remove the view from the list, hover over the view, and then click the Trashcan icon.

dashboard activity

This panel displays user activity along with the timestamp of when the action occurred.

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