EdjConsole Overview

This document provides details about each page in the EdjConsole.

Welcome Screen

When you first log into the EdjConsole, the Welcome Screen displays.

Every screen consists of the following main components.
Welcome Screen

Main Menu

Hover over to view the menu options.

Clicking the EDJX logo at the top of the menu redirects you to the Welcome Screen.

The Main Menu consists of the following options.

Option Description


Navigates you to the Dashboard.


Navigates you to the Applications page.


Navigates you to the Domains page.


Navigates you to the Buckets pages.


Click to display the Nodes page.
This page displays nodes connected to the EDJX network.

User Profile

Click to display the User Options.

View Selector

The View Selector allows you to select the Holistic or a specific Organization to view.

The current view is indicated with a blue background.

View Selector
Holistic view

When you first log into EdjConsole, you are in what EDJX calls the Holistic View.
This view shows the user data and resources related to EVERY organization they have permission to view and modify.
Every User has their own Holistic View.


This view allows you to view resources for a specific organization.
When modifying parameters, the User must be in this view.
Users can be assigned to an unlimited number of Organizations, and Organizations can have an unlimited number of Users.

For instructions about managing these views, see User Options.

Welcome Banner

The Welcome Banner is only presented on the Welcome Screen.

To disable the Welcome Screen as your landing page:

  1. Select the Dismiss this Welcome Page checkbox.

    dismiss welcome

  2. Click Go To Dashboard.

Next time you log into EdjConsole, you will be directed to the Dashboard.

To navigate to the Welcome Screen, click the EDJX logo at the top of the Main Menu.

edjx logo

Date Selector

The Date Selector is located in the top-right corner of every page.
It allows you to select the date, week, month, or year to filter the data presented on the page.

Click in the middle to display the date options.

Date Selector

The Date Selector displays the corresponding option you select.

Click the left or right arrow to select the respective date in the past or forward.

To select a date range:

Click Select to view the Calendar, and then click a start and end date.
The screen automatically updates the content.

View Selector

If you decide not to use the Calendar option, click Close to collapse the Calendar view.